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Fanatics! Henry Rollins' KCRW Show Tomorrow Night: A Whole Lotta Hendrix

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Fri, Jul 8, 2011 at 12:28 PM

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  • Timothy Norris
KCRW BROADCAST #122 for Saturday, July 9.

Fanatics! Another week goes by and we find ourselves contemplating the sonic bounty of another Saturday get down. We approach this mountain of sound that awaits us, we must ponder this thought: what keeps bringing us back together every week? The answer is as easy as all the selections for tonight are mint. It is the music, always!

Behold the first four tracks! We have summoned some of the greatest forces to start our show.

What's all that Hendrix doing in our show? Not the backstroke, I assure you. If you notice, it's a perfect block of jams. Hendrix covering Dylan. Saturday night just got even better.

Fanatics, I must say, this is a tremendous heap of sounds we have here. I am sorry that I didn't put in a Horrors track from their new album, Skying, but I don't have a sure release date on it yet and I don't want to take any wind out of the band's sails by putting on something before it's out. It's a good record for sure but I have not had much time to get too deeply into it. I got a copy via someone I know who has the hook up but have yet to hear from anyone from the band's label. So, for now, we wait.

David Bowie and Roxy Music, Roky and the Weirdos, damn, what a show! We check in with drum monster Zach Hill from his relatively new Face Tat album and close the way we begin, with the greatness of Martin Rev and Alan Vega of Suicide and two solo efforts.

And THAT, Fanatic, is a show.

As I write you, I am sitting in the airport in Miami. Today is a travel day. We will be going to Atlanta and then onto Asheville and from there, way deep into Kentucky for what will hopefully be some interesting documentation. We are in day # I Stopped Counting on this Nat. Geo shoot. We still have quite a ways to go and we're not even in the voice over and editing part yet.

Heads Up Dept.: Los Angeles area Fanatics, are you ready to get down? I already know the answer to that but what I want to know is, are you ready to rock the two shows coming to town next week? Omar Souleyman and Tinariwen both playing in a matter of days? Check the local listings for the Echo and get to these shows if you can!

You, me, Engineer X and Will Double B Bentley will be back with you live next week. Until then, get ready to rock the Souleyman and STAY FANATIC!!! --Henry

Henry can be reached at: Henryontheradio@gmail.com, or follow him on Twitter @henryrollins.

Read on for Henry's tracklisting:

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