One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other: Our Off-the-Beaten Path Guide To Summer Festivals

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Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 11:48 AM
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One of the best parts about being at a festival are those moments you walk by a stage and have that "what the fuck" moment. It's when you hear something that just doesn't fit. It's the feeling some people probably had at Chaos In Tejas this summer when, coming from Unbroken's set, they stumbled upon Big Freedia's. This is by no means a bad thing. Fests that stick to the idea of only showcasing one genre usually also stick to the idea of failing miserably in the long run. Here are the oddballs, AKA bands that just don't fit, in Our Off-the-Beaten Path Guide to Summer Festivals:


The Vans Warped Tour is no stranger to mixing up their line up. Although the festival always has been carried by Southern California punk, and now more by Metal Core and pop punk mainstays and newcomers, stirring the pot has been Warp's M.O. for some time now.

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  • Colin Young-Wolff
Yelawolf is venturing out on this year's Warped Tour. He isn't alone though- Warped veteran's Gym Class Heroes and Unwritten Law collaborate Big B are also bringing some hip hop to Warped fans. Yelawolf stands out among the rest being that this is his first time playing a non-hip hop tour. Big B has has his buddies Unwritten Law on the tour as well and Gym Class Heroes has that whole band thing going for them. Yelawolf's fast-paced southern spitting style will catch many Warped attendees off guard, since he's the only rapper that they probably have not heard on their radios or seen on their TV screen.  All in all, Warped Tour sure didn't hurt Eminem's career.

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Big Chocolate, the Huntington Beach DJ, is living proof that Dubstep is everywhere. It feels like you can't go to a show, festival or party with out that wobbly bass shaking your insides. It's no secret either that Dubstep has taken root in other scenes. Realistically, it's just the electronic version of a breakdown. Although it is not a shock that Dubstep is being featured at this year's Warped, Big Chocolate will be on his on. Good luck sir, hopefully not too many whiny little kids will start screaming for ex-From First To Last singer, now Dubstep phenom Skrillex, Sonny Moore.
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Lucero is going to raise some eyebrows. They possibly could be one of the first groups to play this festival that reps any fashion of country music. They are one of the only bands that can go from playing Coachella to Warped, and that says a lot (all good!). Officially the band that mom and dad will watch with you on this year's Warped Tour, they'll hopefully play somewhere close to the beer garden or Warp's Reverse Day Care.


If you're not a Juggalo you're probably not going to be attending The Gathering this year. Or any other year for that matter. We aren't going to lie, as much fun as it is making fun of Juggalos and everything that this scene touches, The Gathering's lineup has some great acts that just don't fit with Psychopathic Records regulars.

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Ice Cube is slated to hit the main stage this year. The hip hop legend is taking a break from producing TBS sitcoms to tour around Europe this summer and of course to play The Gathering to a bunch of rowdy Juggalos who are infamous for throwing bottles and whatever else they can get their hands on at acts that basically aren't ICP and company. We think "AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted" can handle it.

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Funk legend George Clinton will also be making an appearance on the main stage as well. Easily the biggest legend at the festival, he probably won't get the respect he deserves due to the fact that the Insane Clown Posse are Jugalos' biggest and only legend. At the same time The Gathering got George Clinton, Bonnaroo got Bootsy Collins, and we're chalking that up as win for The Gathering.

The Gathering is always such a odd festival that we can't talk about all of the artists that just don't fit but some of the others are: Juvenile, E40, Busta Rhymes, and DJ Quik just to name a few.

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