What Do Art Snobs, Metal Heads, and Message Board Nerds Have in Common? "Twin Infinities" Art Show

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Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 8:03 AM
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From the outside, it looks like Sam James Velde and Rich Jacobs have created an art show that could cause a nasty collision. Everyone from art snobs to metal heads to B9 message board nerds will be at "Twin Infinities" on Friday. But beneath superficialities, people aren't all that different, and they'll all show up for the same reason: a love for creativity. "Twin Infinities" won't be bringing "worlds apart" together, but highlighting scenes, mediums, and cultures that always have been connected.

I once read an article when I was younger about how Captain Beefheart's art dealer in NYC told him he had to be one or the other, an artist or musician. I totally disagreed then and now ... people can do whatever they want, if they want. Who cares about someone trying to take you more seriously because you only do one thing at a time. It seems kind of like locking yourself in one room of your house, could get boring quick. The Twin Infinities idea is just saying, "Hey, do whatever you need to be creative, or be creative about the way in which you are creative too." There are many tools to express one's ideas and self out there, use as many as you can. They are all connected anyway. -Rich Jacobs

The show will feature both artists and musicians (what's the difference?). The roster features and eclectic group of photographers, poets, painters, comic book artists, and even some individuals who have never "formally" presented art anytime before.

There are some friends involved who have never really shown art before, or at least I've never seen in it in an art show setting. That's always exciting to see what people will bring to the table. Everyone involved is such a creative person with so many different outlooks on things. -Sam James Velde

The list of artists involved is vast and can be overwhelming. We broke down a few of our favorites:

You might not think you know Jordin Isip, but there's a good chance that you've encountered his work at some point while browsing your local record store. Isip is known by many for his work with Hot Water Music and Quicksand. Shaping Hot Water Music's image, Isip's art and the band's music seem to go hand in hand. Album covers are just the tip of the iceberg. Isip is a prolific painter and illustrator who has worked on countless projects, and will bring his somber stone face characters to Twin Infinities this Friday.

  • Jordin Isip (Hot Water Music- A Flight And A Crash)

Cynthia Connolly is a native Angelino who found her inspiration at sixteen when she moved to Washington, DC. With bands like Bad Brains, Government Issue, and Minor Threat and flourishing counter cultures like straight edge and the DIY ethos exploding, Connolly found inspiration everywhere. Her "right time, right place" move to DC led to the creation of the book Banned In DC, a historical document of sorts filled with photos and anecdotes of the DC Punk underground.

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  • Cynthia Connolly

Calef Brown's most likely the only artist appearing at Twin Infinities that is a New York Times best seller in children's picture books. Brown is just one of a handful of artists at Twin Infinities that highlights how diverse this eclectic bunch is. Most of the artists will be displaying their metal, hardcore, and punk inspired art while Brown (and he's not alone) will be most likely showcasing his whimsical, dreamlike folk art- the brighter side of our imaginations, to compliment the darker side revealed by most of the other artists.

click to enlarge CALEF BROWN
  • Calef Brown

Compared to Mike Watt of Iggy And The Stooges, and many other legends featured at Twin Infinities, Ross Farrar is one of the artist representing the newer generation of punk and hardcore. Introduced to photography in 2001, Farrar has been taking photos and studying photography since. He currently balances his time between his band Ceremony, photography, and getting a degree in English. No stranger to multimedia projects, Farrar released the 128 page book, Society Verse, full of lyrics, anecdotes, and photography, as a companion piece to Ceremony's latest album, Rohnert Park.

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  • Ross Farrar

Farrar's not the only one representing California hardcore at Twin Infinities. Also appearing is Trash Talk's Lee Spielman. Known more for his brutal stage presence while perform live with Trash Talk. You're more likely to find Spielman in the center of the circle pit, or flying feet first into the front row, rather than on the stage. With his bloodshot eyes, Spielman has stared down sold out shows all over the world, but this will be the first time he's showcased any sort of art whatsoever. Spielman along with Adam Rossiter produce LSAR Zine, which draws inspiration from the graffiti, skate, art, and hardcore communities.

click to enlarge lsarzine.jpg

Highlighting these few artists doesn't do the show enough justice. The list of amazing goes on and on. Brian Walsby will be showcasing his 1980s hardcore inspired comic book art. Magdalena Wosinska (our personal favorite) will be displaying her beautiful photography. With all of this and a musical performance by Coliseum, there is literally no reason not to check this out.

Move and Tee Pee Records Present: "Twin Infinities" this Friday, July 1st. RSVP ON THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE HERE.

click to enlarge BRIAN WALSBY
  • Brian Walsby

If you can't wait to see what these artists bring to the table Friday at NOMAD Gallery, head over to our Tumblr where all this week, we will showcase different photographs, art, and other bits of information from all of the people involved in the show.

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