The Five Best Cover Songs Ever Covered, Rediscovered!

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Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 9:15 AM
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Sometimes the artist who authored a song does a bang-up job in the recording and you never need hear from the song again, except to hear it over and over and enjoy its overwhelming awesomeness. And sometimes an artist writes an incredible song and does an amazing job, and later on, some other awesome artist sees the song for its unexplored resources, and makes a killer or cover or remake. Which has happened! Several times! Let's check out the five best cover versions and remakes in all of Western music!

"Tainted Love"

Original performed by Gloria Jones

Everything about this song is incredible. Gloria Jones is incredible. Not only was she an awesome soul singer, she sang and played keyboards for T. Rex and was Marc Bolan's girlfriend and then wife.

"Tainted Love"

Cover by Soft Cell

Marc Almond heard it when he was a cloakroom boy at the warehouse. At the time, he'd done an EP of "doodly electronic stuff", and had a track out on a Some Bizarre comp. Clearly, none of these efforts were bearing fuit because he was still a cloakroom boy. When he heard "Tainted Love", however, he ran up to the DJ, and asked for a tape of the song. The rest is history.

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