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Live Review: Top Five Reasons Odd Future is L.A.'s Best Live Act

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Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 9:53 AM
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  • Andrea Domanick
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If Wu Tang, Iggy Pop and the Flaming Lips threw a birthday party, it might approximate Odd Future's swag-as-hell show Saturday night at House of Blues Sunset.

Swinging stateside amidst their first European tour, the horrorcore collective took the stage in full force: all members of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All were in attendance for the hometown gig, save for the notable and controversial absence of 17-year-old Earl Sweatshirt.

Our expectations were admittedly sky-high after catching their riot-inciting performance last month at Barcelona's Primavera Sound Festival. But even without a crowd of football-crazed, politically pissed-off Spaniards to fuel the fire, Odd Future worked the local crowd into a frenzy with the carnal carnival of their stage antics.

Love 'em or hate 'em--there ain't no in-between--there's no denying that a concert including everything from backup dancers to balloon drops to broken bones is nothing short of riveting. Here's the top five moments from Saturday's show that convinced us OFWGKTA is L.A.'s best young live act:

5. Tyler, the Creator's a walking hopping paradox: At some point between leaping out from under the DJ booth and diving into the crowd during opener "Sandwitches," OFWGKTA leader Tyler broke his foot:

click to enlarge ANDREA DOMANICK
  • Andrea Domanick

So when Hodgy Beats announced that he would be unable to perform, the crowd's groan was somewhere between concerned and disappointed--until Tyler jumped (albeit on one leg) back onstage minutes later with a newly-bandaged foot.

"Where's my mom? I know she nervous as fuck right now," he said, noting that an ambulance was on the way. "I wanna cry so bad right now, but I'm gonna try to swag this one out."

But when the paramedics were of no immediate help, advising him to instead see a doctor, Tyler opted for a wave of his middle finger, returning to the stage against the wishes of his manager and somehow managing to jump, snarl and convulse his way from one end of the stage to the other--sometimes as if nothing had happened at all, and at others, against visible grimaces of pain.

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  • Andrea Domanick

In moments when that pain was inevitably too much, Tyler took a seat at center stage, lending an especially haunting, solitary quality to tracks like "Bastard."

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  • Andrea Domanick

"Fuck anybody that leave here and say my performance with a fucked up foot was horrible. That was the tightest shit ever!" he said following "Yonkers."

While the group did have to cancel Sunday's San Francisco gig due to the injury, Tyler's commitment to not only finishing, but powering through, Saturday's set proved him to be the kind of performer other artists should take note from (while also taking note of his tweet from the same night: @fucktyler Karma Is A Bitch. I Threw Orange Juice At Some Bitch This Week Out Of A Car. Fuck.).

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