Jennifer Hudson Will Write a Book to Feed Our National Obsession, Weight Loss

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Tue, Jun 7, 2011 at 11:30 AM
click to enlarge Watch her do it with no hands
  • Watch her do it with no hands

Jennifer Hudson is writing a memoir.

No, it's not about her struggle as a singer breaking beyond the American Idol stereotype. Nor about dealing with the triple tragedy that struck her family in 2008. Neither is it about her triumphs as an actor.

Nope, all we really wanna know is: How the hell did she lose all that weight!? Better yet: How can we?!

Sure, Hudson released her sophomore album, I Remember Me, in March, but the book, which is due next January, will focus on her struggles with her weight and how she managed to drop 80 pounds.

Our obsession with weight is nothing new. We've been salivating over the juiciness of Oprah's insanely documented "battle with her weight" since the '80s. Mass internal damage was inflicted the minute Beyonce confided that the secret to her drastic Dreamgirls' weight loss was the Master Cleanse, dubbed the "Lemonade Diet" due to the fact that you drink only a concoction of maple syrup, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and water for ten days or longer. The "secret"? Starvation.

There's an element of irony that the same film Beyonce dropped weight for is the one in which Hudson was cast as Effie, the more talented but less pretty (read: heavier) lead singer who's replaced by Deena (played by Beyonce). Effie doesn't do what any would-be Hollywood starlet today would, lose weight at any cost. She stands her ground, firmly convinced of her talent, even as she goes on welfare and into obscurity. Eventually, she gets retribution in the form of national record distribution. And Hudson won the 2006 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Movies aren't real life. Though we love a comeback story, we really love a weight loss saga (if only Effie would've re-emerged looking like Hudson does now!), especially since we secretly hope celebrities will gain it back or at the very least, keep struggling, so we can feel comforted that they're "just like us."

"In my head, I am still the same weight I was before. It takes a while to get used to it," Hudson told People. But, "This is the way I want to be and the way I want to stay!"

She looks amazing. Now, has anybody listened to her album?

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