Opposites Attract: Odd Future Dances to Rebecca Black's "Friday" During a Show

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Tue, May 31, 2011 at 8:56 AM
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Though this happened in our own city ... was performed by our own golden gods (well, at least for now--we know how fickle we are) ... and though we solemnly swore we'd #neverforget ...

We missed this video of Odd Future dancing to Rebecca Black's "Friday," the TGIF anthem that's hobbling around on its last leg. Well, maybe not--people are still hashtagging the hell out of Charlie Sheen's #winning.

Shot at what looks to be Odd Future's show at the Troubadour in support of Tyler's Goblin release earlier this month, OF dances, Tyler orchestrates, and the entire audience rallies with Black's battle cry, "yeah!"

We're pretty sure Rebecca Black never imagined her song would incite moshing.

[The Smoking Section]

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