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Ke$ha Gets Sleazy at the Hollywood Palladium (Fans, Midriffs and Glitter Galore!)

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Mon, May 9, 2011 at 9:45 AM

click to enlarge There were a lot of songs about alcohol. - JENA ARDELL
  • Jena Ardell
  • There were a lot of songs about alcohol.

[Originally published Saturday, May 7, 8:38AM]

[Commentary by Dave Parkman]

What: Ke$ha

Where: Hollywood Palladium

When: Fri. 5/6/2011

Ke$ha brought her Get Sleazy tour last night to the Hollywood Palladium. Openers were HAIM and Beardo.

Here are some photos of Ke$ha, some of her (many) Ke$halike fans, and some running commentary about Friday's well-attended gig:

click to enlarge Ke$ha is in there somewhere, underneath all the glitter. - JENA ARDELL
  • Jena Ardell
  • Ke$ha is in there somewhere, underneath all the glitter.

The crowd: Many, many packs of young girls (estimated average age: 15-22), occasional small groups of flamboyant dudes, one or two infants (yup, some parents bring actual children to see Ke$ha--one of them was snapping pictures of the scantily-clad teen girls with a mad glint in his eye).

The dress code: Ah, the dress code... Glitter. Animal prints. Glitter face paint. Metallic fabrics. Torn t-shirts. Bare midriffs. Animal print made of metallic fabrics. Wraparound microminiskirts. Nothing fitting properly. Basically, most Forever 21s in L.A. and environs must have been raided by gaggles of young ladies following the call of Ke$ha. (See Jena Ardell's photos below)

click to enlarge Welcome to Hollyweird. - JENA ARDELL
  • Jena Ardell
  • Welcome to Hollyweird.

The opening acts, part 1: Peculiar choices, shall we say. HAIM (aka, veteran local indie rockers The Haim Sisters) were professional, competent and clearly in command of early slot, even though the Ke$haettes weren't paying much attention to the long-haired sisters and their Zep- and Fleetwood Mac-inflected repertoire. An act more at home at the Echo or the Troub, and definitely a strange fit for the "We Want Ke$ha" clubby girls filing in.

The opening acts, part 2: Ah, good old Beardo... And we mean "old" literally. (Overheard in the crowd: "Is that Ke$ha's dad?" They were not kidding.) Beardo is something in of a local institution, at least in the sub-Paris Hilton, sub-Charlie Sheen, even sub-LMFAO, circles frequented by the likes of Simon Rex/Dirty Nasty and Mickey Avalon. You're probably familiar with this one-man party band that peddles a cross of 1985 Beastie Boys mayhem, 1995 Kid Rock frat-boy rap and 2005 Andrew W.K. schtick. If you saw Beardo doing his act at the Venice Boardwalk (or even at The Smell) it would be hella amusing. At the Palladium, opening for Ke$ha (he was a trouper: everytime he wanted the girls to start screaming he would start chanting "Ke$ha"), he just looked like a strange old dude inexplicably yelling his name and bragging about high-school antics and drugs to a bunch of tarted-up teenagers.

click to enlarge Ke$ha performs at the Hollywood Palladium. - JENA ARDELL
  • Jena Ardell
  • Ke$ha performs at the Hollywood Palladium.

The DJ: Between sets, the girls were treated to the DJ stylings of none other than Destructo, the mastermind of local dance operation HARD. It went (mostly) very well, and he even deployed a left-field sample of the Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations" onto the glittery crowd (kudos). His attempt to ask the largely underage crowd "You guys know about HARD?," though, failed hard.

click to enlarge Party in the Palladium! - JENA ARDELL
  • Jena Ardell
  • Party in the Palladium!

And then there was Ke$ha...:

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