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Top 10 Bands That Should Have Broken Up Instead of the White Stripes

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Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 8:55 AM

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Yesterday, we got the bad news: The White Stripes were breaking up. Not that it came as a surprise, as Jack White has been off producing and writing new material with lots of people that aren't Meg. We wonder what Meg will do next? Rap career? Cooking channel show? Meg White branded scrunchies? Who knows. But what we do know is that there are a few other bands that need to take a hint from the White Stripes, so here are 10 bands that should have broken up instead of the White Stripes:

10. Korn

Remember Korn? In the early 1990's, they were responsible for starting the rap/nu metal genre that somehow seems to cling to life today in corners of the world where sideways visors and cargo shorts are still acceptable attire. They've sold over 40 million albums around the world, but even after their highest charting album Issues was released in 1999, the band has released five more albums of 40 year old singer Jonathan Davis singing about his troubled childhood. In an unrelated note, Davis' own children are named Pirate and Zeppelin.

9. The Postal Service

It's been 8 years since The Postal Service's Give Up paved the way for indie pop to hit the mainstream. Their song, "Such Great Heights" somehow squeezed its way into just about every VW/airline/organic tampon commercial in 2003. And let's face it, before the inclusion of Postal Service on every mix CD made by poetry majors who wear Anthropology Afghans as apparel, we kind of liked them. But now after nearly 10 years of radio silence, we think the band should just call it quits. Dntel and Ben Gibbard have taken the "never say never" in response to media questions about the followup. Just say no.

8. Linkin Park

Last year, Linkin Park made a listenable album. The largely critically lauded A Thousand Suns was nowhere as good as the hype laid upon it, but it was actually not annoying. That's a huge step for the band. It almost made us forget about that one guy who wore those oversized headphones, and that other guy who just screamed (and not in that cool metal way). Better to go out on top, Linkin Park.

7. Odd Future

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As probably the most hyped L.A. phenomenon of foul-mouthed teen rappers, the group has landed magazine features and even an upcoming appearance on Jimmy Fallon. So what better publicity stunt than to break up now. And maybe they can reunite for Coachella 2011, along with The Smiths.

6.Pearl Jam

Apparently Pearl Jam is still together. It's been 20 years and 8 albums since the seminal Seattle grunge band dropped their iconic record, Ten. It's not that we hate Eddie Vedder and the gang, but it seems that the band has kept on trucking far too long. At some point, they've become a band that only satisfies their own fans. They keep releasing albums that make little to no effort to build a new base or venture into new sounds. Vedder's voice will always be the same.

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