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Top 10 Hottest Music Videos Featuring Supermodels (In Honor of Evan Voytas Somehow Getting Kate Moss for His Latest)

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Fri, Jan 28, 2011 at 7:56 AM
LA-based genre-crossing popster Evan Voytas recently unveiled a new video featuring an inspired performance by the one and only Kate Moss. How exactly did the 27-year old up-n-comer swing this? Voytas doesn't know either, as he tells Kevin Bronson at Chinashop mag: "I had no idea how hot or sexy it would be. When I imagined a video for that song, it was with headlights illuminating something -- it never occurred to me that something would be Kate Moss." The video directed by Jamie Harley used footage of Moss from a Vogue fashion shoot by photographer Nick Knight. Voytas's video joins a roster of music videos where musicians enlisted supermodels to illustrate their artistic vision (and often to ask for dates as well). For a short history lesson, here are the Top Ten Hottest Music Videos Featuring Supermodels:

10. "November Rain" by Guns and Roses featuring Stephanie Seymour

Probably one of the most epic music videos of all time, "November Rain" featured Axl Rose's then girlfriend Stephanie Seymour in a visually ambitious narrative about the rise and fall of a relationship. Just like any relationship, there's the courtship, the miniskirt marriage, the man jumping through the wedding cake, and of course, the extended guitar solo. Of, course (Spoiler alert), Seymour's character eventually dies, leaving Rose out in the cold. Perhaps Seymour's character can also been seen as a metaphor for Rose's career too. "Nothing lasts forever, in the cold November rain."

9. "Cherry Pie" By Warrant featuring Bobbie Brown

Warrant's video for "Cherry Pie" is a classic case of hair metal bands including a model in their video for no good reason. Here model Bobbie Brown just sways back and forth in a low cut top and occasionally, and inexplicably, shows up in a baseball uniform. Warrant's Jani Lane fell in love with that lady on rollerskates and eventually married her,

and they lived happily ever after... until they divorced three years later.

8. "I Just Don't Know What do Do With Myself" By White Stripes Featuring Kate Moss

This 2003 White Stripes video directed by Sofia Coppola portrays Kate Moss spinning around a stripper pole. That's it. Yes, it's super boring and super blatant. Maybe it's a convoluted comment on the objectification of women, or perhaps its a screen test for the stripper scenes for her films "Lost in Translation" and "Somewhere?" Let's hope so, because its hard to see the method behind this blandness.

7. "Can't Go Back" - Primal Scream Featuring

Primal Scream has enlisted Kate Moss for their videos before, and they've even had the model-turned-something-or-other sing on their albums. But on this video, the band turns to U.K. superstar model Lilly Cole for a clip inspired by the horror films of cult favorite Dario Argento.

6. "Notorious" by Duran Duran featuring Christy Turlington

When music videos were in their infancy, many bands stuck to a kind of formula. On Duran Duran's "Notorious," that formula is in full effect. Start with grainy/edgy black and white footage of the band, cut to dancers, cut to band in performance, insert random clips of a model, cut back to lead singer playing tambourine, back to model, lather, rinse, repeat. Fin.

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