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Top 9 Female Drummers in L.A. (Also the Hottest)

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Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 3:59 PM

click to enlarge Most keep their shirts on, sorry guys!
  • Most keep their shirts on, sorry guys!

[UPDATE, 1/27/2011: We listened to our beloved commenters, so here's "People's Choice: Commenters Pick 4 More Female Drummers in L.A. for Our List!"]

Do you like women? Do you like drums? Do you like women on drums? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the launch of Tom Tom Magazine comes as good news. Founded in New York by Mindy Abovitz, the new magazine dedicated to female drummers heeded the advice to "Go West, young woman" for its fifth issue, and turned to Swahili Blonde mastermind Nicole Turley's expertise on L.A.'s leading ladies of percussion.

So, what defines a great female drummer for Turley? "Women have this innate quality where it's in their nature to lay back and listen to what's going on around them," she says, "paying attention openly, finding a proper space for everything to blend together. You find this in the best female drummers and musicians in general. Everyone's different, of course, but men get tunnel vision with things that they do. That's one thing I notice with women in music. More women are becoming multi-instrumentalists, songwriters, exploring all avenues of music. It makes sense. It's within a woman's nature to take in everything about her environment."

Here's then Nicole Turley's Top 9 Female Drummers in L.A.:


click to enlarge Yasmine Kittles - DAIANA FEUER
  • Daiana Feuer
  • Yasmine Kittles

Nicole Turley: "She is just awesome. I've never seen anyone play percussion like her. It's really avant and very original. She plays percussion with found objects, just a metal pipe. It's pioneering in a way."


click to enlarge Danielle Devincenzo
  • Danielle Devincenzo

NT: "I like her drumming style in the sense that it's deep and boomy and tribal and simplistic. Just from being so tribal, it has a nice power to it."

Tiffany Preston, Rainbow Arabia

click to enlarge Tiffany Preston - DAIANA FEUER
  • Daiana Feuer
  • Tiffany Preston

NT: I've always known Tiffany as a guitar player, she's one of my favorites. But in Rainbow Arabia she and her husband switch between making beats and she plays electric drum pads. It's inspiring live, she constantly switches between guitar, drums, and percussion."

LAENA MYERS-IONITA, Swahili Blonde, Dante Vs Zombies

click to enlarge Laena Myers-Ionita
  • Laena Myers-Ionita

NT: "She's one of those people that can play anything. She's a really talented multi-instrumentalist. As far as percussion goes it's similar to Danielle, her style is really tribal and boomy. She has an amazing sense of rhythm. She's really great with using all kinds of percussion, drums, bells, shakers, maracas, bongos, congas."


click to enlarge Cheryl Caddick
  • Cheryl Caddick

NT: "She played with Erica Garcia. From what I know, she plays drums and sings at the same time. That's really hard. A lead vocalist and a drummer!"

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