Top 10 Unmissable Bands Inexplicably Hidden on the Coachella 2011 Poster

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Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 8:30 AM
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Coachella 2011 seems to have more bands than ever before. The poster itself looks like an eye chart, with the bands at the end of the list appearing as nearly microscopic type. With that kind of textual overload, it's not hard to overlook some of the phenomenal bands relegated to the depths of Coachella's "small type" swamp. We have cut through the politics of typography on the poster and have highlighted 10 unmissable bands hidden in the small type of the Coachella 2011 poster.

10. Mariachi El Bronx

In Mexico City--like in our own Boyle Heights--mariachi bands congregate at Plaza Garibaldi waiting to be rented for parties and other miscellaneous fiestas. Mariachi El Bronx, the Plaza Garibaldi version of the punk outfit The Bronx, will offer some south of the border (or maybe just Border Grill) style entertainment for Coachella's spicy crowds.

9. Glasser

Los Angeles' sweet and slightly trippy siren Cameron Mesirow will broadcast her effervescent vocals and downbeat production style to eager Palm Desert musical nomads, providing them with a crystalline chorus of one.

8. One Day as a Lion

The totally underrated two piece of Rage Against the Machine vocalist Zach De La Rocha and former Trans Am/ Mars Volta drummer Jon Theodore, provides a no frills, stripped down version of their former bands. With just a distorted rhodes keyboard, a drumset, and some incisor-sharp lyrics, the duo will be sure to smash it up.

7. Tokimonsta

The queen of the LA's Low End Theory scene, Tokimonsta, is the very, very last act mentioned on Sunday's lineup. But the bass-heavy beats and hazy atmospherics of Tokimonsta are not to me missed. Like Vanessa Williams sings, "Sometimes the snow comes down in June/ Sometimes the sun goes 'round the moon/ Just when I thought our chance had passed/ You go and save the best for last."

6. Yacht

The Los Angeles ex-pat, Italo-disco dance cult typically puts on a sensory stimulating show that is even better on a bigger stage. More stage means more room for Claire Evans and Jona Bechtolt's antics and more of their insane light show that will trigger the hidden epileptic in all of us. (He's hiding in your shoe.)

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