Odd Future is Going to Perform at Coachella 2011, Missing Member Earl Sweatshirt Might Be "Freed" to Perform with Them

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Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 5:13 PM
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[UPDATE: Ed's note: We've received a freaked out message from people associated with OFWGKTA that implies that our little scoop might jeopardize the previously almost certain chance of Odd Future performing at the festival. C'mon Goldenvoice: let Odd Future play! And shouldn't you be penalizing Arcade Fire and Mumford & Sons for the Billboard scoop as well? Double standard?]

Ok, since everyone is playing the Coachella guessing game, and Goldenvoice is being even more tight-lipped than usual (ah, if only they used the same efficiency they use for keeping secrets for crowd control at the actual fest...), we'd like share with you a bit of information we've gathered from a pretty reliable source.

When Goldenvoice finally decides to release the final lineup, we're pretty sure it's gonna include LA rap sensations Odd Future, a band the LA Weekly was first to cover locally.

And when Odd Future plays Coachella (we're fairly certain that's a "when" and not an "if") word is that missing member Earl Sweatshirt, rumored to be "away" in some kind of boot camp situation, will be performing with them.

Again, before the final lineup is released, quite possibly soon, this is at the level of rumor. But it's a kind of rumor we've had from pretty reliable sources and we think the official poster will vindicate our going out on a limb.


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