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Can Raves Exist without Ecstasy? (Plus, Best Song about Raving EVER)

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Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 9:18 AM

click to enlarge Do you think these people might be on what the kids call "E" these days? - TIMOTHY NORRIS
  • Timothy Norris
  • Do you think these people might be on what the kids call "E" these days?
Over at the LA Weekly's news blog, Dennis Romero asks the crucial question after his report last week on the publicly endorsed "megaraves": Raving without Ecstasy--is that even possible?.

Here are his main points--what do YOU think?:

What's strange to us is that supporters of megaraves state that if kids are going to party and take ecstasy, it's better to do so on public property, where paramedics and cops are around to keep an eye on them. Smaller,"underground" parties are much more dangerous, they say.

Seriously? We looked into it. The number of ecstasy related deaths from small, underground events in L.A. we could find in the last five years: 0.

What's more, some party experts told us for our cover story that young people gear up for these megaraves like they're the parties of a lifetime. They do things they wouldn't normally do at a smaller event.

To which we may add, without the drugs, isn't the thought an "electric daisy" just stupid?

BONUS TRACK: Best Song About Raving, EVER:

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