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We're Bringing Sexy Back, But For Real This Time

Top 5 Hottest L.A. Lady DJs in 2010: The Sequel (Now with More Supertalented Spinnin' Hotties)

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Thu, Dec 23, 2010 at 2:08 PM

click to enlarge The Divine Miss O: Daisy O'Dell being awesome - DAISY O'DELL
  • Daisy O'Dell
  • The Divine Miss O: Daisy O'Dell being awesome

One of the amazing things about the aughts (aka, the '00s) is that there are too many female DJs for me to fit on yesterday's Top Five Hottest L.A. Lady DJs in 2010 list. Yes. This was not the case ten years ago, and I am happy to report that I was taken to task by our colleagues at the always useful Scenestar indie music blog for failing to include the following talented spinstresses in my list yesterday. So, behold! five more ladies who know their sh*t and look good doin' it, which is crucial, since as we all know, looking good is the most important thing that a woman can aspire to. Also, appearing forever young, and getting married.

5. Daisy O'Dell

click to enlarge Daisy O'Dell
  • Daisy O'Dell

Daisy O'Dell DJ'd Playboy after dark and dare I say that the Playmates had nothing on her? Also: she's a great party DJ with a secret sideline (as a good Canadian) as a Neil Young freak. Let's see Miss November pull that.

4. Nicole Cifani

click to enlarge nicole.jpg

This former Senior Interactive Music producer at KCRW is an active volunteer in the community, helping women, helping the arts, and helping young women and men in the arts. Currently she works with Flavorpill and the Daily Swarm.

3. Sara Tea

click to enlarge saratea.jpg

Sara Tea has opened for/shared the stage with such acts as Grandmaster Flash, Glass Candy, Stereo Total, and Girl Talk. And you can find her online, hosting a show and playing killer tunes for 103.1 on Friday afternoons.

2. Valida

click to enlarge valida.jpg

Are you going to the Standard on New Year's Eve to see the Raveonettes and Autolux? You should because not only will you see the Raveonettes and Autolux, but you'll also see Valida. And trust me, the picture does not do her justice.

And the number one Hottest L.A. Lady DJ in 2010: The Sequel is...

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