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Sweaters at Spaceland: Second Residency Show Last Night

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Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 8:05 AM

click to enlarge Swaters at Spaceland
  • Swaters at Spaceland



December 13, 2010

Another packed house for Sweaters, who were joined by fellow White Iris artists El Sportivo and The Dead Trees for the second night of their Spaceland residency. Sweaters brought a few special guests this time, and even had their producer, Fool's Gold's Lewis Pesacov, sitting in on keys. The show doubled as the Black Iris Christmas party, which wasn't really a Christmas party except they gave the audience presents, a handful of White Iris records from Fool's Gold, Best Coast, and Flowers of Doom.

click to enlarge White Iris mystery band El Sportivo
  • White Iris mystery band El Sportivo
El Sportivo & the Blooz opened, a project of Lewis Pesacov of Fool's Gold and Foreign Born, who is the producer behind the Black Iris collective, and played slow-burning songs to drown your sorrows to. A few songs in, their singer asked the audience, "Did you know tequila is a really good drink?" Someone in the audience yelled back, "whiskey's better!" and got an unconvinced "yeah, whiskey's good" before moving on into a second song about death.

click to enlarge The Dead Trees, who come to L.A. via Portland
  • The Dead Trees, who come to L.A. via Portland
Second was The Dead Trees who called for shots before playing songs off their recent White Iris record. A self proclaimed "band of heathens," they sound like they've collectively listened to a lot of Pavement and Pixies over the years and play fiery, fun, guitar-driven rock 'n roll.

click to enlarge Sweaters
  • Sweaters
Sweaters played the same warm and sunny classic rock-influenced songs as last week but with the added bonus of guest musicians, friends Austin and Tim on sax, Seb on percussion, and Pesacov on keys. Lead singer Jordan Benik made it through their hilarious new song "What It Is To Be A Woman I Wonder" without laughing this time as he told the audience he thinks it would be exciting, before jumping into "Investigations" off their Slow Death debut. Once again the highlight of the set was "Jumping off the Big Wait," a new song treated extra special this week with more backing vocals from French Max and Ladyface.

Like last week, Sweaters closed out with "Can't Stop Winning" from their new 7", but with a much fuller sound with the addition of horns, percussion, and extra keys -- a step closer to the White Iris recordings. I'm still holding out for them to bring in the soul singers who did backup for the record. Maybe next week, when they play their final residency show with Wet & Reckless, Allah-Las, and Puddin' Tang.

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