Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010

DJ De Los Muertos: Technics Turntables Done For Real This Time

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Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 1:39 PM

R.I.P. Tech 12.
  • R.I.P. Tech 12.
Following more than a year of rumors that Panasonic was going to pull the plug on its Technics 1200-series turntables, word came this week that the company appears to have finally cut off production for good.

Demand for the decks wasn't high enough for them to keep making the solid, direct-drive devices they've churned out continuously since 1972.

The company issued this statement to the Tokyo Reporter: "Panasonic decided to end production mainly due to a decline in demand for these analog products and also the growing difficulty of procuring key analog components necessary to sustain production."

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Our eminent columnist, Mr. Henry Rollins! - MAURA LANAHAN
  • Maura Lanahan
  • Our eminent columnist, Mr. Henry Rollins!
[The one and only Henry Rollins will be contributing a weekly column and far-reaching reportage to the music section of the LA Weekly. Look for your weekly Henry Rollins fix right here on West Coast Sound every Friday and make sure to tune in to Henry's KCRW radio show every Saturday evening, or online, or as a podcast, or however else you decided to listen to the most eclectic DJ on LA's airwaves.

This installment includes Henry's thoughts on voting (he's in a favor of it), his current favorite documentary, and a singer who gave him his CD-R (which he'll play on his show), plus the awesomely annotated playlist for his KCRW BROADCAST #87 for tomorrow, Saturday 10-30-10. For more details please visit KCRW.com and HenryRollins.com]

I don't know how much you follow current events. For some, there's not enough time to keep up on what's happening, for others, the news is too depressing and peering too deeply fills one with boiling frustration all too quickly.

I am morbidly fascinated the frenetic activity of what's happening pretty much anywhere. I do my best to stay on top of what is going down and the last few weeks have been extremely interesting. From the Juan Williams firing from NPR and his brand spankin' new contract at Fox News to the sudden demonization of NPR by Karl Rove and his ilk.

Personally, I have never felt at risk when listening to NPR and memories of Sesame Street on PBS still make me smile.

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Underworld - PEROU.CO.UK
  • Perou.co.uk
  • Underworld
Whether you're all about the costumes or just in it for the tunes, Halloween weekend offers some massive show-going choices ... starting with, well, something very close to a massive.

HARD Haunted Mansion, with an eclectic electro lineup including Bloody Beetroots, Busy P, Crookers, Jack Beats, Rusko, Calvin Harris, Boyz Noise and L.A. beat-scene wunderkind Flying Lotus, goes off Saturday (already sold out) and Sunday at the Chrine Expo Hall. The exclamation point on HARD's franchise event, though, is the Sunday set by Underworld.

The U.K. duo of Rick Smith and Karl Hyde, who are getting raves for their new album Barking, will be winding up its U.S. tour at HARD.

Four other parties we recommend:

-- The Ninjatune 20th Anniversary celebration (previewed on this very blog) goes off Saturdy at the Echoplex featuring appearances by Amon Tobin, Kid Koala, Cut Chemist, DJ Food & DK, Eskmo and Ghostbeard.

-- KCRW's annual Masquerade at the Legendary Park Plaza on Saturday offers sets from Cut Chemist, U.K. rockers the Duke Spirit and Joshua Tree electro-rockers Gram Rabbit, along with 13 of the station's DJs.

-- Local bands are out in force tonight at the Echo and Echoplex for the Henry Clay People's second annual Rock and Roll Circus, with the Little Ones, Andy Clockwise, We Barbarians, the Monolators, Downtown/Union, Red Cortez, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Marvelous Toy, the Steelwells, Olin and the Moon and the Hectors.

-- And witches and witch hunts are the them for the Nico Vega/Saint Motel show at the Roxy that also features Imagine Dragons and Queen Caveat.

Three shows unfettered by the ghosts of Halloween:

-- Stone Temple Pilots and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club makes some noise tonight at the Nokia Theatre.

-- The twinbill of Of Montreal and Janelle Monae figures to be delightfully theatrical on Saturday at the Palladium.

-- And Grammy-winning country outfit Lady Antebellum visits the Nokia Theatre on Saturday.

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Face Rocking Friday.
  • Face Rocking Friday.
Dust off those synthetic devil locks, top hats, and fake moles you have laying around and stop by Spaceland tonight for best Misfit, Lemmy, and Alice Cooper Costume contest. Winners will receive a month pass to the Melvin's January residency at Spaceland, which, of course, will be a month-long auditory orgasm.

Speaking of ear boners (whatever that means), tonight's All Hallows Eve show at Spaceland features a stellar lineup of heavy acts including L.A.'s southern rock kings Night Horse, and the thunderous addition to the Melvins' lineup, Big Business.

Also some tickets for the Melvins shows will be available Friday night too.

To get you super-pumped about being the best Lemmy, Misfit, or Cooper you can be, here's an incentive for you:

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Bilal's gonna make you sweat - REBECCA HAITHCOAT
  • Rebecca Haithcoat
  • Bilal's gonna make you sweat

Barely thirty minutes into his set last night at the Echoplex, Bilal was bringin' it on home--but that's not to say he'd already finished. Sure, his beaten-up black leather jacket had been stripped off, his t-shirt was drenched, and sweat clung even to his eyelashes, but as he removed his glasses and mopped at his face with a towel, he grinned. You ready? he seemed to ask. 'Cause I can go alllll night.

With lyrics like "Did I hear you say, 'come harder, baby,'" from Love for Sale's "White Turns to Grey," Bilal wasn't playing coy. Nor was he playing gently. Though he eased in with the first couple of songs, "Something To Hold On To" is only the equivalent of foreplay when considered against the rest of his body of work during the evening.

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Lil B to hip-hop: Eat my swag, bitch.
  • Lil B to hip-hop: Eat my swag, bitch.
Bay Area rapper Lil B -- the one who brought you "Ellen DeGeneres," the song, only two weeks ago -- has struck again, releasing a new free song called "I Killed Hip Hop," subtitled ...


Lest you think it's little more than an attention grab (as was leveled at the Ellen song, though we'd argue it rightly celebrates the talk show hosts' own peculiar brand of swag), B brought in a heavy hitter to back him up, Queens rap vet Cormega.

In the lyrics of the song, B casts himself as a hitman who's been hired to take out a very unusual target:

"This dude named Hip Hop / He old and his hips rock / He need to get off the block / There's new blood around town."

It's safe to assume this is not the same Hip Hop (female) who was the subject of Common's 1994 classic, "I Used to Love H.E.R.," though sources say the two may be related.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The former Sonic Youth member helped a young pop star learn how not to sing.
  • The former Sonic Youth member helped a young pop star learn how not to sing.
He was a member of Sonic Youth during the band's most experimental phase. He won a Grammy for the "Best Alternative Album" of 2004 for his work on Wilco's A Ghost is Born. He's scored films by Werner Herzog.

But the most subversive move of Jim O'Rourke's career may be the one we least expected.

According to Scotland's Daily Record, one of the world's top-earning child stars, iCarly's Miranda Cosgrove, was subject to an attempted brainwashing at O'Rourke's hands.

"Miranda revealed that she couldn't hold a tune after being taught to make an almighty racket tune for a comic movie role.

She blames indie veteran Jim O'Rourke for brainwashing her on the set of School Of Rock starring Jack Black."

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Is Danzig actually buying litter for his evil overlord, that arbiter of Internet life and death, the Keyboard Cat?
  • Is Danzig actually buying litter for his evil overlord, that arbiter of Internet life and death, the Keyboard Cat?
We thought we'd seen the end of FreshStepGate 2010, but some enterprising young reporter has actually managed to get Glenn Danzig on the horn about his recent kitty litter purchase.

O - M - G - !

Yeah, we're totes excited to hear what he said too. I mean, there are so many ways a conversation can go after some rando with a camera's snapped a shot of you doing something incredibly mundane, albeit oddly poetic.

Actually, we were being sarcastic, but really, would it have killed Danzig to acknowledge, or at least chuckle at, the oddity of seeing a muscle-bound angel of death tip-toe through the Target lot toting a box of kitty poo-poo collector? Doesn't he get the meme thing? Didn't he see the video?

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Soft Cell as you've never heard them.
  • Soft Cell as you've never heard them.
In a just released video, Soft Cell's 1981 megahit "Tainted Love" gets completely reinvented by neo-soul maverick Bilal, electronics genius Daedelus and classical virtuoso Miguel Atwood-Ferguson.

The result is a little bit jazz and a little bit funk-soul, with a whole lotta stomp. That, as it turns out, is far closer to the song's roots than its most popular form. The video premiered today on the VTech site and it included a history lesson:

"'Tainted Love' was originally composed by Ed Cobb, formerly of the Four Preps and originally recorded by Gloria Jones in 1964 as the B-side to 'My Bad Boy's Coming Home.' The original version was by no means a commercial success. In fact, it was a flop ...

Watch, and read more, below.

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Jay-Z gazes upon the glory of BevMo!
  • Jay-Z gazes upon the glory of BevMo!
It's a top ten of the hip-hop verses we all know and love, that promote the liquor we've all loved but can't remember (because of how much we loved it).

10. In a very special Snoop Dogg track called "Stoplight," Snoop educates the layman on the proper way to enjoy Napoleon's favorite champagne.

"Half past late and I'm still rollin' / Real hoein', make a nigga pocket still swollin' / Still goin', black and white tip-toein' / Flash in my playa's car (Why you play so hard?) / Cuz I'm a don, sippin' Moët, smokin' chron."

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