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Exclusive: Members of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Duran Duran, the Like, Warpaint, WEAVE! and Corridor are... Swahili Blonde

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Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 10:15 AM

click to enlarge Swahili Blonde's mastermind, Nicole Turley
  • Swahili Blonde's mastermind, Nicole Turley
Really. And West Coast Sound has got the exclusive MP3 download to prove it.

Swahili Blonde is a brand new Manimal Vinyl act founded by Nicole Turley, a former drummer and singer in local Afro-punk dub band WEAVE!.

Word is she sat down in a room full of instruments she didn't know how to play (says the Swahili Blonde press release) until a star-studded crew of experts arrived to help her realize her musical fever dream.

More or less. Turley does play a great deal of the instruments on her funky, post-punk and Krautrock-inspired new album, Man Meat -- and make no mistake, this is her project -- but she also gets some very high-profile help.

The two Johns -- guitarist Frusciante and bassist Taylor -- are at the top of the list, hailing as they do from Red Hot Chili Peppers and Duran Duran respectively.

Violinist Laena Myers-Ionita, who plays with the Like is also part of the project, as are multi-instrumentalists Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint) & Michael Quinn (Corridor).

Swahili Blonde will be playing a record release show on Saturday, July 10, at Echoplex.

Now, listen here:

DOWNLOAD: Swahili Blonde - "Elixor Fixor" [MP3]

click to enlarge swahili_blonde_man_meat1_thumb_240x239.jpg
Man Meat tracklisting:

1. "Elixor Fixor"

2. "LeMampatee"

3. "Tiny Shaman"

4. "Dr. Teeth"

5. "Red Money"

6. "Release the Ghost"

7. "Tigress Ritual"

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