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WTF: Ima Robot Returns as Side-Project of the Magnetic Zeros, Offers New Video, 'Ruthless'

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Thu, Jun 24, 2010 at 12:00 AM

click to enlarge Alex Ebert, still magnetic
  • Alex Ebert, still magnetic
Bonus WTF: Alex Ebert, aka Edward Sharpe, has ditched the grease-locks.

It's true. Just as the Magnetic Zeros' reputation begins to eclipse the modest fame achieved by Ebert's former group, Ima Robot, he appears to be resurrecting the early-aughts dance-punkish outfit once responsible for a song about ex-girlfriends who drive black Jettas.

Ebert has faced criticism in the indie community for the incongruity between the two acts since his rebirth as a linen-clad, bus-living, sorta dreadlocked shaman-type.

Such chidings are often cruel and unfounded, but considering the man once pranced around with a hair style that's earned comparisons to Zan of the Wonder Twins (except without any sideburns at all), well ... perhaps the haters have a point.

But lest you assume Ebert is Flowbeeing his bangs and shaving zig-zags into his scalp again, rest assured that the new incarnation of Ima Robot seems to incorporate some of the Zig-Zags that the Zeros clearly prefer.

A new video for a new song, "Ruthless," has made its way onto the Internet and the feel is different than anything we've known Ebert for thus far. He croons and sorta melodically raps over a spacey soundtrack of ethereal synths and unusual percussion.

One might be inclined to imagine a new wave Porno for Pyros.

Oh, and his hair is shoulder-length, and clean.

The pretty great video is directed and hand-drawn by visual artist Noaz Deshe, and the song is also available for download at the freshly relaunched Ima Robot website, which reveals that the band's forthcoming record -- due out this year, we're told -- will be called Another Man's Treasure.

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