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Hot Hot Heat Dominate June With a New Album, Video, and Residency at the Bootleg

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Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 10:58 AM

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Tomorrow, the latest signee to Silver Lake's Dangerbird records, Hot Hot Heat will release their first album since 2007's Happiness Ltd. The new album Future Breeds (not to be mistaken with Swedish metalheads Meshuggah's Future Breed Machine) has been called a reboot, and HHH told the Weekly that they didn't just want to make a record for the airwaves. "We're basically treating Hot Hot Heat like an unknown band. It's a weird world right now, and you can't take anything for granted. We just don't want to be known as a radio band," keyboardist Steve Bays said. This week, see if Hot Hot Heat is the same band that blew up in 2002 with the great Make Up the Breakdown, as they begin their June Wednesday night residency at the Bootleg theater.

Wanna see the full lineup of HHH's new video for "21@12," and free MP3, and not to mention their upcoming show line up in the L.A. area?

(PLUS a Future Breed Machine video, 'cause it's metal Monday!)


Goddess on the Prairie [MP3]

06/09: Los Angeles, CA @ Bootleg Theater

06/12: Pasadena, CA @ One Colorado (KCRW Presents Summer Night)

06/16: Los Angeles, CA @ Bootleg Theater

06/23: Los Angeles, CA @ Bootleg Theater

06/30: Los Angeles, CA @ Bootleg Theater

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