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Salem Signs to IAMSOUND, Reveals Tracklist, Date for 'King Night' LP

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Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 8:18 AM
click to enlarge Marlatt, Holland and Donoghue (Jimmy Limit)
  • Marlatt, Holland and Donoghue (Jimmy Limit)

Salem may hail from Michigan originally, but the creepiness of the trio's music knows no borders.

Like a thick, toxic fog, their particular brand of darkwave music (see Cold Cave, the XX) hangs low to the ground -- sludgy, skulking stuff that's far too easy to get lost in.

That haze has been spreading slow and steady due to a series of limited 7-inches that've been trickling out via various small labels since 2008, but until now, Jack Donoghue (beats, raps), Heather Marlatt (vocals) and John Holland (synths) haven't had a proper home.

This morning, L.A.'s own IAMSOUND announced that it will release Salem's debut LP, King Night, on September 28.

Here's what the label had to say about the record:

Mixed by Dave Sardy [Autolux, Marilyn Manson, Slayer], the album's 11 tracks evoke certain elements of ethereal shoegaze, withdrawn Houston Screw, and production qualities akin to the frenetic delivery of contemporary Southern rap and Chicago footwork. [...] Echoing the duality of the band's urban and rural surroundings, King Night is at once menacing and serene.

Followers of the band will notice three previously released tracks -- blog favorites "Frost" and "Trapdoor," as well as "Redlights" -- reappearing on the full-length. This is a good thing (listen to all three on Salem's MySpace page).

Track-listing for King Night, out September 28 on IAMSOUND:

01. King Night

02. Asia

03. Frost

04. Sick

05. Release Da Boar

06. Trapdoor

07. Redlights

08. Hound

09. Traxx

10. Tair

11. Killer

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