M.I.A. Uses Pitchfork Tweets to Diss Pitchfork, Show Off Obama Ecstasy Pills Pic

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Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 5:44 PM

M.I.A. was allowed to tweet from Pitchfork's Twitter account today.

This is how she signed off:

click to enlarge MIAbye.jpg

Yes, M.I.A., we know. If you use Google you're a puppet of the Illuminati and the Lizard People. Right. (If you pay taxes you're probably more complicit with the government than if you look shit up. Your obscenely rich baby daddy pays a lot of taxes, right? Just sayin')

Also, what's up with the Obama ecstasy pills pic on your desktop:

click to enlarge Obamaecstasy.jpg

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