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Courtney Love Wants You To Like Her on Facebook, so She Will Let You Listen to Her New Album For Free

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Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 1:30 PM

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The music industry is very confused about the Internet and whether content should be free or not.

Courtney Love is an attention whore.

These two undeniable facts collided against each other today (aided and abetted by Spin magazine) with an offer to let you hear the entirety of Hole's new album, Nobody's Daughter, by simply hitting "Like" on Hole's Facebook page.

This would be a fairly straightforward, harmless proposition if it hadn't happened merely days since Facebook decided to strip yet another layer of user privacy by making a fucking mess of everyone's "Likes" on their Facebook profiles.

Anyhow, a little preview of tonight's show, from Hole's appearance last month at the NMEs:

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