SXSW Highlight Reel: Top 5 Wasted Musician Moments

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Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 2:27 PM

click to enlarge Bottoms up - ERIN BROADLEY
  • Erin Broadley
  • Bottoms up
SXSW is equally known for the amount of alcohol people consume as it is for music. Let's put it this way: we came, we saw, and some of them puked. Here are our "Top 5 Wasted Musician Moments at SXSW," including GZA, Death Set and an honorary nod to Bill Murray.

1. GZA performed at Mohawk and we're not quite sure what he was on, but basically he needed help standing up. According to reports:

Taking the stage about 40 minutes late at 20 to 1 a.m., the GZA, one of the Wu-Tang Clan's legendary M.C.s seemed....rickety? Overly relaxed? Barely able to stand up? One of those. Let me put it this way: He had a hype man, he had a DJ and he had a dude who was essentially a spotter. This gentleman at one point literally put his hand on GZA's back, perhaps to keep him from tipping over.

2. Death Set singer pukes on girl fan in front row at Carnivalle gig.

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3. Jorma Vik (drummer of The Bronx and Mariachi El Bronx) drinks himself sober, throws up in between songs, super glues blisters on his fingers shut so he can play his set at 1101 e 6th st.

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4. Ok, ok... Bill Murray may not be a musician but the actor did attend SXSW Music and decided to play bartender one night after slamming tequila shots. According to nymag.com:

Murray was doing tequila shots at the bar, left to check out some music, and then came back to pull an impromptu shift. Oh, also, he brought RZA and GZA with him, although, tragically, they're not in the clip ... Bill Murray, we salute you.

5. Courtney Love uses "uh-oh inducing" teleprompter to read lyrics off of during Stubb's gig. (We have no idea if she was wasted but years of drug use have obviously taken their toll if she has trouble remembering her own songs.)

click to enlarge Love at a bar during SXSW - CRAIG HLAVATY
  • Craig Hlavaty
  • Love at a bar during SXSW
click to enlarge Love's teleprompter on stage at Stubb's during Hole's performance - ERIN BROADLEY
  • Erin Broadley
  • Love's teleprompter on stage at Stubb's during Hole's performance

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