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Leaked? Fakes? Coachella 2010 Posters Surface Online [UPDATED]

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Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 5:04 PM

Somebody from the Coachella message board just posted this flyer, which closely resembles the flyer that the annual musical festival designs every year. It looks incredibly convincing, band-wise, created either by Goldenvoice, or -- JUST AS WAY MORE LIKELY -- by some joker looking to have some fun. Every year some obsessive fan posts something like this.

click to enlarge fakecoachella.jpg

So take this for what it is: an Internet-discovered pre-announcement flyer that is probably fake.

THAT SAID: Coachella's official Twitter page definitely tweeted: "Yes, tuesday" today, suggesting that an announcement may be imminent.

After the jump: a less-convincing fake

Or there's this one, which features as a Sunday finale MICHAEL JACKSON'S GHOST!

click to enlarge coachella2010_01.jpg

UPDATE 5:45 P.M.: Or there's this one, which just arrived via "anonymous" and is way convincing (but apparently we're pretty gullible):

click to enlarge 27wycxz.jpg

(thanks to "anonymous" for this one ...)

UPDATE 7:22 P.M.: Okay, now we're getting closer. This refinement from @jonnyj:

click to enlarge t8t7gl.jpg

We really like that last one, actually.

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