Really Loud Gabber-Grindcore Duo Eustachian Releases New Album as Free Download

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Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 7:48 AM

click to enlarge SARAH SITKIN
  • Sarah Sitkin

On Amorak, the just-released eight-track album from Eustachian, the gabber-grindcore duo smashes samples up against fuzzed out screams, computer noise and frantic beats into tracks that rarely reach three minutes. Released through the electronic record label collective Digital Vomit, Amorak is available as a free download.

click to enlarge Cover of Eustachian's new album, Amorak
  • Cover of Eustachian's new album, Amorak

Last Halloween, I ended up at a party inside a rambling warehouse miles from anything resembling a freeway. Sometime around midnight, Eustachian played in a room on the second floor. Thirty seconds into the set, I lamented my lack of earplugs and wondered if the floor might buckle.

To say that Eustachian is loud is an understatement. They are Ministry, Einsturzende Neubauten and Mogwai rolled into one rave-friendly, laptop-driven duo. The inventive Los Angeles/San Francisco-based team doesn't just pierce ears, but guts and limbs. They will make you jerk your body faster and more awkwardly than you have done before. This isn't music for the weak, but for those who like their tunes to push the conventions of dance music to every conceivable extreme, then you'll want to give this album a listen.

Eustachian "Speed Jam"

Eustachian "Speed Jam II"

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