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Another Free Download from NIN

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Thu, Jun 5, 2008 at 12:00 PM

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Yet another free download from Trent Reznor is available from the Nine Inch Nails website. No new full-length LP this time - in fact no new NIN music at all, but a batch of songs from the bands that are opening for them on their summer tour.

Here's what you get for the cheap price of coughing up your email address:

1. a place to bury strangers: to fix the gash in your head

2. does it offend you, yeah?: we are rockstars

3. crystal castles: crimewave (crystal castles vs HEALTH)

4. deerhunter: like new

5. nine inch nails: echoplex

Echoplex is the same version that's found on The Slip. And if you spend any time on those music-industry-killing MP3 blog sites, you're probably familiar with the other bands and tracks too, but it's still a decent way to make good use of your company bandwidth today and annoy some co-workers.

Get it here.

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