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Live in L.A.: Editors at Jimmy Kimmel

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Thu, Jul 26, 2007 at 4:11 PM


Jimmy Kimmel Live! July 25, 2007

By Timothy Norris

OK, so we’ve all heard about it and Jimmy’s Green Room really is the best. I was just surprised that I actually knew some of the folks down there tonight. Well, I knew Juli C. and Kevin B. and even a few other familiar faces from around the block. Just like a regular visit to Romper Room for young Timmy. Yeah, I see you too! But let’s not forget what brought all us kids together tonight; that would be Editors jumping out in support of their latest release An End Has A Start.

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Photo by Timothy Norris. Click here for a slideshow of more from Editors.

The lads from Birmingham, England ripped through an abbreviated set on the outside stage at Jimmy Kimmel that consisted mostly of material from the new record with the exception of "Munich" from their debut full length The Back Room. While the sound of An End is not a huge departure from Back Room, it certainly shows maturity in both sonic adventure and lyrical content allowing the band to weave the set together with ease. Opening with the title track "An End Has A Start" followed by "Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors" (of which both aired) the band ignited the stage in a fury led by front man Tom Smith and his seemingly uncontrolled on stage antics. At one point during the set he lost his guitar strap and found himself restricted until a stagehand came to his aid. Though like the great John Lee Hooker once said, “If the boy’s got it in him, he’s got to get it out! So let’s boogie!” And boogie they did, or something like it, until the end which saw Tom scurrying off stage dragging the mic stand in a fit of passion straight past Jimmy up the ramp to the dressing room. Following closely were bands mates Russell Leetch (Bass), Chris Urbanowicz (Guitar) and Edward Lay (Drums) shaking hands and kissing babies. Well, shaking hands anyway.

With that I was on my way back to the green room for the proverbial post show cocktail. I chose a Molsen for the funny sayings they have on the bottles, only I didn’t bother to read what mine said. I was already all smiles anyway what all the new friends I’d found today.

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