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Meet L.A.'s Drag Queen Lyft Driver

by Hso Hkam | Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Some entrepreneurial L.A. types have taken Lyft's idea of providing unique, fun rides to the next level: nostalgia-driven '80s Lyft, undead­-friendly ZombieLyft, gamer's delight Bob­omb Lyft, and the ukulele-­strumming Fairy Lyft. One of the most ambitious is Driving Is a Drag, featuring a Prius decked out in beads and teddy bears, plus novelty headbands replete with springy plastic penises for the riders. It's all piloted by your friendly neighborhood drag queen, Erika Simone, the alter ego of 38-year-old L.A. native Erik Koral. Koral describes Driving Is a Drag as part Cash Cab, part Taxicab Confessions and part Borat in drag. He sees every ride as an opportunity to disrupt the stress of L.A. life with joy. Read the full story at: "Meet L.A.'s Drag Queen Lyft Driver."

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