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L.A.'s Celebrated Trois Mec Chef, Ludo Lefebvre, Teaches Tiny Kids to Cook

by Hso Hkam | Sunday, November 9, 2014

Every eight weeks or so, the dining room at Trois Mec, L.A. Weekly's Best Restaurant of 2014, throws off its fancy guise and becomes a playground of sorts. Tables normally reserved for dining on chef Ludo Lefebvre's creations get pushed to the center, where children from 7 to 13 gather and stand to attention. Aprons are donned. Excitement fills the air. After all, they aren't learning how to make a grilled cheese. Today, it's gnocchi. From scratch. Read the full story at Trois Mec Chef Ludo Lefebvre Teaches Adorable Kids to Make Gnocchi.

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