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Kamasi Washington Unites Jazz & Hip-Hop Musicians in Honor of the Watts Rebellion '65 & L.A. Uprising '92

by Hso Hkam | Sunday, August 2, 2015

Kamasi Washington hustled to DTLA in August to lead a project for more than 1,000 fans at Grand Performances titled "65-92: The Rhythm Changes but the Struggle Remains," that distilled 50 years of African-American music into a boiling ball of fuzzed-out bass, pummeling drums and wailing horns. The show looked at L..A.'s divided past and pointed to the future. "Music only serves one purpose — to express the essence of a person's experience," Washington says. Read the full story: Kamasi Washington Reinterprets the Music of the Watts and Rodney King Riots.

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