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1989 Timeline

Irvine-based Lincoln Savings and Loan collapses, precipitating national S&L crisis; L.A. Sheriff’s deputies rampage at Samoan birthday party in Carson — county pays family $25 million in 1998;

Pan Pacific Auditorium fire;

Brotherhood Crusade embarks on campaign to take back 48-square-block area in South-Central from drug dealers;

Weekly celebrates a decade of publishing with two 10th-anniversary issues;

Library Tower completed; Zsa Zsa Gabor arrested for slapping Beverly Hills motorcycle cop; L.A. and Long Beach agree to establish joint commission to oversee Alameda Corridor; conflict-of-interest charges in Far East National Bank scandal rocks Mayor Bradley’s office;

Tom Bradley narrowly re-elected for fifth term as 23 percent of electorate votes;

Amok Bookstore opens;

Jose and Kitty Menendez murdered by sons Lyle and Erik; $3 million theft of Southwest Museum artifacts by former director discovered; Dennis Cooper’s The Undead performed at LACE.



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