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Friday, January 18, 2013

tostones con mojo - AMY T. SHUSTER
  • Amy T. Shuster
  • tostones con mojo
The owners of Old San Juan, a new Puerto Rican restaurant in Atwater Village that opens its doors tonight, want you to put on your Salsa dancing shoes. Ramon L. Galindo and Puerto Rican-born executive chef Luis Castro hosted a special preview opening last week, although it was more like a fiesta. There was a Salsa band equipped with someone playing a cuatro, the national instrument of Puerto Rico. There was lots of food, lots of dancing and lots and lots of Puerto Ricans. "It was a beautiful sight," said Castro, "it was like one big family."

The venue is located in what they consider to be prime real estate in Atwater Village. "It is such a multi-cultural area which is really open to different types of food, especially Latin food," says Castro. And this is especially important since Old San Juan touts themselves as being the "first Puerto Rican restaurant in the city of Los Angeles." This has been a long time coming, and should in fact give many people a reason to celebrate. ¡Wepa!

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