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8 Terrific (and Ice Cold) Los Angeles Popsicles

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Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 8:44 AM
click to enlarge Popsicles at Popshop - JARED COWAN
  • Jared Cowan
  • Popsicles at Popshop
Popsicles are having a moment in the spotlight, just in time for the next heat wave (otherwise known as our permanent summer). More sophisticated than the classic ice pops bought off your local ice cream truck, this new breed of frozen treats showcases luxurious ingredients (Valrhona chocolate), farmer’s market finds (fresh berries) and unusual pairings (avocado and vanilla).

Another trend in frozen treats: seasonal ingredients. This means flavors come and go depending on what’s available — the only downside being that your favorite flavors may soon be MIA, so get them while you can. The upside? New flavors to keep you coming back. Sweet Rose Creamery's menu changes monthly.

From an English ice lolly to a Mexican paleta, popsicles appeal to just about everyone, especially on a hot day. For artisanal twists on an American classic, keep reading.

click to enlarge Watermelon/blueberry popsicles at Sweet Rose Creamery - JARED COWAN
  • Jared Cowan
  • Watermelon/blueberry popsicles at Sweet Rose Creamery
Sweet Rose Creamery
Sweet Rose Creamery’s Valrhona fudge pops are kind of like a Fudgsicle ratcheted up a few notches. That’s right, Valrhona, as in the French chocolatier based in Tain-l'Hermitage in Hermitage near Lyon. These pops are chocolatey in the extreme, but also somewhat dainty, so you can easily down one and consider it a minor indulgence. Sweet Rose also creates a seasonal popsicle that changes each month. June celebrated summer’s bounty with a refreshing peach/blueberry medley. August brings a watermelon/blueberry combo. Whole blueberries are studded throughout and the color combo brings to mind a sunset over the Pacific. The subtle watermelon meshes perfectly with the blueberries. Why not take some home and dunk them in Champagne? Why not indeed. 7565 Beverly Blvd., Fairfax, and 225 26th St., Santa Monica; 310-260-2663.

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click to enlarge Playa Provisions' kiwi/cantaloupe popsicle - JARED COWAN
  • Jared Cowan
  • Playa Provisions' kiwi/cantaloupe popsicle
Small Batch Ice Cream – Playa Provisions
Steps from the beach, Playa Provisions turns Playa del Rey into a destination just by virtue of their sweet treats, served up at their store-within-a-store, Small Batch Ice Cream. The seasonal, house-made popsicles will please young and old. The beginning of the summer brought an horchata blackberry pop — a milky, cinnamon-flavored base that paired perfectly with the whole blackberries. The latest flavor, kiwi cantaloupe, promises to deliver you to your happy place. The beachy, breezy vibe of Small Batch is an awesome mix of something old and something new. Buy a pop + walk down to the sand = summer. 119 Culver Blvd., Playa del Rey; 310-683-5019.

click to enlarge Popshop popsicles - JARED COWAN
  • Jared Cowan
  • Popshop popsicles
From avocado vanilla to cucumber lime, Popshop takes classic popsicle flavors and turns them on their heads. Cheerful and cute, with their small cylindrical shape, Popshop's wares are perfect for a party, adult or child-centered. Handmade with organic, seasonal ingredients, these pops are (relatively) guilt-free — even their wrappers are compostable. The avocado vanilla is dairy-free yet extremely creamy, with a sweet, mild flavor reminiscent of ice milk. These treats are available around the city in a few gourmet shops, like Urban Radish and Locali. Urban Radish: 661 Imperial St., Arts District; 213-892-1570. Locali: 5825 Franklin Ave., Hollywood; 323-466-1360.

click to enlarge Quenelle employee Lizette Martinez with Mandarin creamsicle push-up pops - JARED COWAN
  • Jared Cowan
  • Quenelle employee Lizette Martinez with Mandarin creamsicle push-up pops
Worth a trip to Burbank if you’re not already in the neighborhood, Quenelle makes it all look easy. Sporting some serious chef cred from John Park (Lukshon), this dessert shop provides lots of cold options for hot days. At any given time there are a range of yummy popsicle flavors, from the exotic yuzu lemongrass to the creamy Vietnamese coffee. They also have the absolutely cutest push-up pops in flavors like vanilla apricot and Mandarin creamsicle. Be advised: Quenelle is closed Sunday and Monday. 2214 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank; 818-843-1035.

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