10 Best Tacos in Los Angeles

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Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 6:00 AM

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click to enlarge Taco d'dedo at El Coraloense - T. NGUYEN
  • T. Nguyen
  • Taco d'dedo at El Coraloense
7. El Coraloense
Owned by a family who hails from the coastal states of Nayarit and Sinaloa, El Coraloense is a fantastic spot that boasts an impressive menu of fresh seafood; thus you'll likely have an excellent platter of aguachile before being completely wowed by its absolutely refreshing ceviches. And then there is a whole menu of tacos to explore: your new favorite seafood taco may very well be the fried shrimp taco d'deto, a hefty four-bite affair topped with a slightly tart tangy carrot slaw that you will remember for days to come. Since you're already here, also try the taco revolcado, with a strip of fish seasoned and grilled al pastor-style. 6600 Florence Ave., Bell Gardens; (562) 776-8800.

click to enlarge Carnitas taco at Carnitas El  Momo - T. NGUYEN
  • T. Nguyen
  • Carnitas taco at Carnitas El Momo
6. Carnitas El Momo
There are many, many places where you can get yourself a terrific carnitas taco, but the one that’s perhaps most transformative is over at Carnitas El Momo, where Romulo “Momo” Acosta has become something of a household name amongst certain taco-crazed folks in the blogosphere. And no wonder: for his Guanajuato-style carnitas, Acosta stews the pork slowly, patiently, in an enormous copper pot, and the results are improbably tender yet absolutely packed in flavor. You can specify your favorite cut, but ask for a taco surtido and you’ll get a fine mix of meat, including prized bits of skin. Whatever you choose, note that one taco will have enough meat for two or three, and that, like most of the tacos on this list, one taco will set you a back just a few crumpled dollars. Like most of the tacos on this list, you’ll realize its true value is far, far greater than that. Check Carnitas El Momo's website for times and locations.

click to enlarge Squash taco at Guerrilla Tacos - T. NGUYEN
  • T. Nguyen
  • Squash taco at Guerrilla Tacos
5. Guerrilla Tacos
Before opening Guerrilla Tacos, Wes Avila worked in some of the finest kitchens in the city (Church & State, Le Comptoir); thus it's perhaps no surprise to find that his ever-changing daily menu includes tacos filled with things like lamb shanks topped with roasted Mission figs and burnt tomato chile, or tasty slivers of squash with feta cheese and a smooth almond chile, or whatever else Avila finds at the farmers market (or Gary Menes's garden) that strikes his fancy. To drink, agua frescas or, because the truck usually can be found outside one coffee shop or another, a cold-brew. Tacos and coffee. Welcome to L.A. Check Guerrilla Tacos's website for locations and times.

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