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Grilling, Beer + Pie: Your Memorial Day Primer

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Fri, May 23, 2014 at 8:58 AM
click to enlarge Ribs at Bigmista's - ANNE FISHBEIN
  • Anne Fishbein
  • Ribs at Bigmista's
Memorial Day - a holiday with a somber meaning that we have turned into something joyous. The beginning of summer. The beginning of barbecue season. The beginning of white shoes. 

While we hope that you do pause on Monday to reflect on those we've lost, we also hope you have a fabulous day celebrating the more lighthearted aspects of a late spring day off. With that in mind, we've gathered some of our best grilling, drinking and barbecue-eating advice, in the hopes you'll find some joy in the first of the great summer holiday weekends. Enjoy.

click to enlarge strawberry rhubarb pie - JEANNE KELLEY
  • Jeanne Kelley
  • strawberry rhubarb pie
5. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie for Memorial Day: A Recipe
Memorial day might mark the beginning of many things, but pie season is perhaps the most exciting. This recipe from Jeanne Kelley will start that particular season in the most delicious fashion.

click to enlarge Lindy and Grundy - A. SCATTERGOOD
  • A. Scattergood
  • Lindy and Grundy
4. 6 Great Butcher Shops for Memorial Day Grilling
Expect to stand in line this weekend at these great butchers, as everyone will be busting down the door for their grilling needs. Also, expect it to be totally worthwhile when you thrill your barbecue guests with the quality of your amazing grilled goodies. 

click to enlarge Ribs at Bigmista's - ANNE FISHBEIN
  • Anne Fishbein
  • Ribs at Bigmista's
3. L.A.'s Best Barbecue
Some of you may not want to cook your own damn barbecue. That's OK - L.A. now has a ton of great barbecue available in restaurants. Read up on the places that are finally giving Los Angeles its barbecue moment - and then go stuff yourself. 

click to enlarge Golden Road kegs - THE BEERISTA
2. Top 5 Places To Buy Beer Kegs
OK, so this post was originally written with the Super Bowl in mind. But you know what's great about this keg-buying guide? It extends beyond the Super Bowl. It extends to any time you need a keg! Including Memorial Day. 

click to enlarge Grilled meat at Willie Jane - COURTESY WILLIE JANE
  • Courtesy Willie Jane
  • Grilled meat at Willie Jane
1. Memorial Day Grilling Tips From Chef Govind Armstrong
Last year, chef Govind Armstrong gave us some great grilling tips for the holidays, including everything from marinades to how to clean your grill. 

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