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5 Great Old-School L.A. Ice Cream Places

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Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 6:00 AM

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Last week, we took a look at the six remaining hot dog stands that had been featured in a June 1972 Los Angeles Times article titled "Biting the Dog." Not long after, the Times did a similar feature focusing on ice cream.

In that piece, titled "Here's the Scoop," Billy Adler, John Margolies and Ilene Segalove spent the summer sampling and ranking 40 different chocolate cones. Photos of each cone were accompanied by brand, weight, price, a brief comment and a ranking of one to five stars. The trio chose chocolate, since it varied more in both taste and appearance. We attempted to retrace their steps 42 summers later.

Among the departed ice creameries that undoubtedly will stir memories were Arthur's (Torrance), Chapman's (Glendale), Clancy Muldoon's (Santa Monica), Ham's (Lynwood), Karmin's (downtown L.A.), Morgan's (Rosemead) and Shaw's (Whittier). What's left as of 2013? Only five, which are listed alphabetically (the trio's ranking appears as asterisks).

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5. Baskin-Robbins (*****)

In 1945, Irv Robbins opened Snowbird Ice Cream in Glendale. A year later, Burton "Burt" Baskin opened Burton's in Pasadena. A few years after joining up and franchising, the separate IDs were dropped and the chain became known as Baskin-Robbins 31, with the number 31 being chosen to represent a flavor for each day of the month. 1972 Comment: "Delicious." Many locations.

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  • Jim Thurman
  • Bennett's

4. Bennett's Ice Cream (*****)

Located in the Original Farmers Market at Third and Fairfax, Bennett's Ice Cream has been around since 1946. The place is still family-run, and they still make all their own ice cream. Bennett's features flavors like pumpkin and its own Fancy Nancy, as well as classic flavors like chocolate, which is deep and rich. 1972 Comment: "Deep Dutch." 6333 W. Third St., Stall 548, Los Angeles; 323-939-6786.

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