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Storefront in Los Feliz Closing Today

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Fri, May 10, 2013 at 3:01 PM

click to enlarge Bacon Cheeseburger at Storefront Deli - GARRETT SNYDER
  • Garrett Snyder
  • Bacon Cheeseburger at Storefront Deli
Word is beginning to come down from the social media-sphere that Storefront in Los Feliz is shuttering. After a few unconfirmed and seriously clandestine hours, it now appears certain that chef-owners Zak Walters and Chris Phelps will be closing up the popular deli space immediately.

After confirming with Storefront's PR team and receiving an "unfortunately, it's true" reply, it now appears that Phelps and Walters themselves have something to say on the matter. "The concept of a fully-sustainable sandwich shop was more than just an idea, it was the ideal," says Walters. "It's really too bad that our vision could not be executed within the confines of the current business arrangement." Added Phelps: "We regret that we have to make this announcement. Storefront was a real passion for us, and we never got to see it come to fruition."

In the past, Squid Ink has been taken by Storefront's freshly baked sourdough loaves and juicy cheeseburgers. The walls, lined with old photos of fading deli facades like Zingerman's and 2nd Avenue Deli, seemed to evoke exactly the type of food that Walters and Phelps were going for all along. Fresh pretzels lined the bakery case, and the Mousa (an Italian deli meatgasm, cured by some of the best in the L.A. scene) was a fresh reminder of what old-world techniques can bring to the plate when done well.

The hole left by Storefront's passing will likely hit the Los Feliz lunch crews hardest. There's always Yuca's for satisfying taco fare or Umami for the two-beer lunch set, but with fewer and fewer daytime delis around town, losing Storefront might be the hardest bite to swallow.

Thankfully, Storefront is survived by Salt's Cure, the first restaurant by chef-owners Walters and Phelps, which opened its West Hollywood doors in 2010. Maybe head there at your earliest convenience and order a little soppressata.

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