4 Los Angeles Brewery Kickstarter Campaigns: Invest in Your Beer Future

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Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 8:35 AM

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  • Sarah Bennett
It's been a whirlwind start to 2013 for Los Angeles beer. The scene celebrated it's unofficial third birthday with the near-simultaneous anniversaries of Ladyface, Eagle Rock and Strand brewing companies and El Segundo Brewing Company released its first round of production bottles, which are now spreading even more L.A. beer across Southern California and into San Francisco.

But undoubtedly one of the craziest things to come out of the first month and a half of this year is the sheer number of new breweries being planned for the region and, along with them, the number of crowd-funding campaigns being launched to help them start their beerventures.

L.A. River Brewing Company was the first to go down this road with a Kickstarter that ran from Dec. 5 through Feb. 3. And even though it only made about half of its $75,000 goal, the fact that more than 350 backers put up enough money to fund at least one of the currently running campaigns shows that the need and the cash is there for the cause.

For the next week and a half, there are four (count 'em!) Kickstarters in process for L.A. breweries. If you've ever wanted to invest in the future of local beer in this sprawling city of ours, maybe now is the time. So turn the page for more info about the four breweries that are hoping you'll back their project. Campaigns are listed in the order that funding ends.

Villain Brewing

Launched: January 1

Ends: March 3

Goal: $20,000

Growing college-homebrew experimentation into a professional brewing career is not an uncommon trajectory in this industry, but CalArts still somehow seems like an unlikely school to spit out the latest crew of young L.A. brewers. With a concept that would sound original even in beer-and-art-soaked Portland, Villain Brewing aims to leave their garage and open a small brewery that will double as an artist-run gallery.

Though beer from the brewery has yet to be tasted outside of their circle of friends, Chris Hahn, Danny Quinonez, Matthew King and Arnulfo Reyes launched Villains' Kickstarter with a strong-but-minimal visual identity and are offering handmade backer rewards (like a laser-engraved metal bottle opener shaped like a credit card!) that are enticing products in their own right.

Alosta Brewing Company

Launched: January 27

Ends: March 13

Goal: $20,000

With little craft beer to speak of between Azuza's Congregation Ale House and Eureka Burger in Claremont, the eastern San Gabriel Valley seemed nearly immune to the surge of beer bars and breweries popping up around L.A. Named after a long lost booze-loving city from the late 1800s, Alosta aims to fill SGV's void and become the local craft brewery for the greater Covina area.

To date, the three homebrewers behind the Alosta venture say they have poured more than $100,000 of their own money into making a commercial brewery. And with a set location, some equipment and plenty of experience (beers from Alosta's crew have been winning at local, regional and national competitions for more than 10 years), this brewery looks to be just one successfully funded Kickstarter away from opening its doors.

Cosmic Ales

Launched: February 12

Ends: March 14

Goal: $35,000

Cosmic is the only brewery currently running a Kickstarter that's actually sent beer out in the market, with bottles of its Cosmonaut California Blonde and Hell Hound Brown Ale sitting on nearly 400 shelves as far away as Chicago and New York. But after years of contract brewing on a large scale at a San Jose brewery, formerly Corona-based Head Brewer and CEO Chris Briles says he's ready to move back to L.A. and build some intimate digs where he can make small batches and experiment with new Cosmic beers.

If the "Launch the Ship" Kickstarter meets its goal, Cosmic will not only become the first brewery to land on the Westside (Briles is thinking Marina Del Rey or Playa Vista), but also one of the region's first nanobreweries -- a tiny microbrewery operation that produces batches no larger than 5-barrels.

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