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5 Sriracha-Inspired Fashion Accessories

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Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 11:00 AM

click to enlarge They come in flats too - FLICKR/PHOTOMATO AND HOURGLASS FOOTWEAR
  • Flickr/photomato and Hourglass Footwear
  • They come in flats too
If you're one of those people who puts Sriracha on everything, you're not the only one. The Rosemead-produced condiment has been making big headlines these days. Over ten million bottles of the popular chili are made each year and the sauce has become a food-culture mainstay. Remember Sriracha lollipops?

Now the famous rooster is moving from food-culture to pop-culture. Designers are taking the spicy sauce and dressing it up on everything from shoes to rings. Who can blame them? Sriracha is blazing hot. Here's a round-up of five fashion accessories the Huy Fong Foods product has recently inspired.

click to enlarge "Shake well" - ETSY/NICETEETEES
5. Sriracha T-Shirt:

Perhaps only the most diehard fans of Sriracha can pull this off on a daily basis. But if you're already planning for the next costume party, be sure to top if off with a green pointed hat. The shirt is selling for $18.95 on Etsy. Tell your friends you'll be in the hot one in a squeeze bottle.

click to enlarge Saucy ring - ETSY/FUNWITHNEEDLES
4. Sriracha Ring:

If you like it, better put a ring on it. This is for the foodists who want to make a more subtle fashion statement. The adorable Sriracha ring is hand-stitched with red, black, green and white embroidery floss on white aida cloth. The price tag on this gem is $8. A bit hefty for a cloth ring, but boys -- it's a great, albeit cheesy, way to tell someone you think they're hot.

click to enlarge "In Cock We Trust" - SOCIETY 6
3. "An Ode To Sriracha" Tote Bag:

We're loving the tongue-in-cheek humor on this tote bag. This tasteful ode to Sriracha by Drunk Girl Designs is selling for $18 at Society 6. The ribbon around it says it all: "Put it On Everything." And they mean everything. You can buy this print on a hoodie, T-shirt, iPhone case or on a plain white canvas.

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