Obama's Favorite Thanksgiving Dessert: A Recipe For Alice Carpenter's Coconut Chiffon Pumpkin Pie

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Wed, Nov 21, 2012 at 11:00 AM
  • Photo Courtesy of Eric Moore, Friend of Obama, Occidental College Class of '83 (One-time use only)
  • Barack Obama

We may not have access to Obama's college transcripts (nor do we wish to, frankly) but we have uncovered a different fun fact from our president's college years at Occidental -- his favorite Thanksgiving pie recipe.

According to the school's website, Paul Carpenter, who was Obama's freshman-year roommate at Oxy, found our one-day president without a place to go on Thanksgiving way back in 1979, so he invited Obama to spend the holiday with his folks. "We had turkey day dinner with my family in Claremont," Carpenter told Occidental. "All those memories are fond."

It was there Obama had mama Alice Carpenter's Coconut Chiffon Pumpkin pie, which reportedly floored him.

As any mother whose pie is being fawned over would, Alice took a shine to Barack, who was known as "Barry" back then. To this day, she refers to the pie as "Barry's Favorite." Here's the recipe, courtesy of the Carpenter family:

click to enlarge coconut_chiffon_pumpkin_pie_recipe.jpg

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