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Food News Roundup: How to Roll Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Jamie Oliver's New TV Series + 10 Labor Day Grilling Dishes

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Tue, Aug 28, 2012 at 7:39 AM

click to enlarge radishes - FLICKR/KATERHA
Ecosalon: "Ask Foodie Underground," ecosalon's new advice column for foodists. (On Mason jars, radish tops, cheese sprinkles, etc.)

Channel 4: Jamie Oliver's new TV series, Jamie and Jimmy's Food Fight Club.

Slate: Burning Question #147... What do Swedes think of the Swedish chef??

Smithsonian Food & Drink: A roundup of the best food at state fairs.

Eater LA: Hot Red Bus is coming to L.A. -- our first British-Indian chip shop.

Bravo's The Dish: Bravo's new TV show? Life After Top Chef, a "documentary-style look inside the hectic lives of the show's alumni."

Daily Dish: 5 questions for Karen Hatfield.

White on Rice Couple: How to roll Vietnamese spring rolls. (Perfect for this next heat wave, by the way.)

Food52: 10 Labor Day grill favorites.

The Huffington Post: Mexican businessman Roberto González Barrera, the "King of Tortillas," dies at the age of 81.

Eating L.A.: On Curtis Stone's new cookbook.

Bon Appetit: 15 "Most Insane Vintage Recipes" that Bon Appetit has published. Ever, apparently.

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