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Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets on eBay Right Now

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Fri, Aug 3, 2012 at 9:24 AM

click to enlarge an eBay yard sale, whatever that is - FLICKR/SAM HOWZIT
  • Flickr/Sam Howzit
  • an eBay yard sale, whatever that is
For guitar amps, gently-used "attitude tees" and vintage poster art, eBay is that ephemeral, endless Target in the sky. Most of us also know by now that there is no better source (save a millionaire foodist's estate sale) for odd and esoteric kitchen gadgets. Whether you're looking for a new addition to your "technemotional" cooking armory or some weird granny cookware, eBay spills forth with dazzling options. Read on for five you might want to place a bid on.

click to enlarge Centrifuge - STAND-FIRM
5. Centrifuge:

A centrifuge is a device that spins at high speed in order to separate products into parts based on density. Here's one. The good news: A centrifuge can help turn a hunk of watermelon into a seedless lozenge of super-concentrated flavor. A tomato soup can be rich, intense, and yet perfectly clear. The bad news: Centrifuges vary dramatically in power, so much that a fairly pricey model might not actually be able to perform the miraculous feats of chef-goddery you envy. Centrifuges with fatigued rotors can also fall apart, sometimes in spectacularly dangerous fashion. But hey, they're on eBay.

click to enlarge Crank corn - TIN-KING
4. Ancient Popcorn Popper:

If an air popper or cast iron skillet feels too modern (this isn't for centrifuge types), go with this 1890s hand-crank-powered popcorn popper. You have to do it while hunkered over an open fire. Judging by the size of the thing, you'd better not be serving a crowd. Soup it up a bit though, and it'd be the perfect steampunk contraption for producing snacks to accompany screenings of The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen.

click to enlarge Gravy separator - 3STREETGS

3. Gravy Separator:

This 1950s utensil (made in Japan, the buyer surmises) is designed to rid gravy of fat via a small drain. The phrases "Heavy Gravy" and "Lean Gravy" are inexplicably emblazoned on the bowl part, which is a good enough reason to buy it. You'd probably use your gravy separator twice a year, but wouldn't it look nice hanging from a hook in the kitchen?

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