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10 Best Dim Sum Restaurants in Los Angeles

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Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 10:00 AM

click to enlarge Har gow - CLARISSA WEI
  • Clarissa Wei
  • Har gow
Los Angeles is a special place. While the rest of America opts for eggs and a mimosa on Sunday mornings, a good portion of Los Angelenos prefer Chinese banquet-style restaurants for their weekly fix of turnip cake and tea. The long impatient lines and lack of parking spaces on Valley Boulevard is proof of that.

With the San Gabriel Valley, the city boasts so many of the top Hong Kong-style restaurants in the United States that it's hard to pick just one -- much less ten. Many of the menu items are identical, service is notoriously lacking and the wait time can reach up to two hours in a crowded parking lot. Even the decor is similar. And in the SGV especially, a lot of the top restaurants have at some point or another swapped chefs or owners. But the distinctions, however subtle, are there. Turn the page for our round-up of the 10 best dim sum restaurants in Los Angeles.

click to enlarge Chicken feet - BEN CALDERWOOD
  • Ben Calderwood
  • Chicken feet

10. New Capital Seafood:

New Capital Seafood is located on the upper floor of Focus Plaza and, in many ways, is the ideal no-frills dim sum place. The food is served via carts and the service is slow. But while it's not haute cuisine, New Capital is known for solid dim sum fare and very cheap prices. For the frugal foodies out there, all the plates are served at a fixed price under two bucks. Stand-outs? The sticky rice wrapped with a lotus leaf and the chicken feet. 140 W. Valley Blvd., San Gabriel; 626-288-1899.

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  • Roland L.
  • Shrimp dumplings
9. Bao Dim Sum House:

This is the only place outside of the SGV to make our list. Yes, the decor is reminiscent of P.F. Chang's and yes, they take Open Table reservations -- but don't let the westernization of this restaurant deter you. Since its launch last year, Bao Dim Sum House is beginning to make a name for itself. Its location in West Hollywood has become an advantage for the business, drawing in clientele unwilling to make the trek to the SGV. It also boasts a happy hour menu with unique Asian-inspired concoctions, like a $10 Honey Ginger Mojitio. The prices are exorbitant (average $5 per plate) and the menu limited, but the food is authentic and comparable to the veterans. 8256 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles; 323-655-6556.

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  • John Zhong
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8. 888 Seafood Restaurant:

With over 60 choices of dim sum and five different types of shu mai, 888 is known for its variety. Service is minimal, so try to snag a seat by the kitchen to get first dibs on the dishes. The tacky aqua and reddish sign says it all -- 888 has been here for years. But the fact that it has lasted this long and still remains popular says something about its food. Highlights: the gai lan (Chinese broccoli), turnip cake and pineapple bun. And if you're getting sick of the usual shrimp har gow, they have lobster gow (in limited supply). 8450 Valley Blvd., Rowland Heights; 626-573-1888.

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