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LA Weekly Flickr Pool Reader Photo of the Day: Roasted Grape Pasta

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Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 12:30 PM
click to enlarge Roasted grape pasta sauce - LA WEEKLY FLICKR POOL/COOKING ON THE WEEKENDS
  • LA Weekly Flickr pool/Cooking On The Weekends
  • Roasted grape pasta sauce

This LA Weekly Flickr pool photo, taken by photographer Cooking On The Weekends, is of a lovely plate of pasta. Roasted grape pasta sauce and pasta, to be specific, the recipe for which (grapes marinated in wine, Mascarpone) you can find on the photographer's blog. And a reminder that if you have any brilliant shots of food you've taken around town recently, you might consider uploading them on our Flickr pool. Never know where they might show up.

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