5 Weird Halloween Food Costumes

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Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 8:42 AM

click to enlarge Fruit? Too easy. Get weirder. - LAKE RUDOLPH
Halloween is only a few weeks away, meaning it's time to dry clean the old banana outfit or turn your bed sheet into a convincing ghost-like ensemble. But if those ideas are too easy or out-dated, check out these 5 Weird Halloween Food Costumes sure to make mouths water, or maybe just weird people out.

click to enlarge Rollin' - WONDER COSTUMES
5. Sushi Roll Costume: Are this person's innards being exposed or are they just really into sushi? Catch more attention by gluing pieces of sushi to your body and walking around like this. Or dress like a sushi chef and flaunt some kitchen authority.

click to enlarge A cutesy couple costume. - FRIEDMANLYNN
4. Bacon (and Eggs) Costume: The bacon costume is a respectable homage to one of God's greatest food gifts to this earth. But seeing the food in costume form makes it so unappealing. Where are the crisp, greasy accentuations? And dressing as eggs done over-easy? Boring. Dress as an omelette packed with meat, vegetables and cheese -- it's sure to earn some better tricks and treats.

click to enlarge You go, girl. - SHERIHALL
3. The Taco Costume: The mainstream taco costume isn't necessarily weird, it's just not authentic. The Taco Bell taco is not a taco, and neither is this costume. Where's the cilantro, onion, salsa and carne asada? Dress up as one of these and we'll think you're less weird.

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