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Top 5 Classic Halloween Candies

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Wed, Oct 5, 2011 at 12:30 PM

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Thinking about what to give to the mini-super heroes, pirates and wannabe princesses bound to show up at your doorstep on October 31st? Here's a list of classic candies that deserve a second chance this year. Try keeping it old school and original with these underrated sweets. Move over, Snickers and Reese's, it's not always all about chocolate.

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5. Sugar Babies: Once upon a time, Sugar Babies supposedly contained bacon extract. Gee, those were the days. But the caramel mini-delights get along fine without pork flavor, though the candy box's graphics still contain pieces of bacon-like confetti. Owned by the Tootsie Roll Company, Sugar Babies' parents Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mamas come in other caramel forms aside from the bite-sized Sugar Babies.

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4. Smarties: Remember popping Smarties like painkillers? These tiny sweets (not to be confused with Nestle Smarties), are manufactured by Smarties Candy Company. Fifteen of the fruit-flavored wafer candies come in each roll, a convenient treat to toss in any kid's candy bucket.

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3. Abba-Zabas: Perhaps the messiest of the classic candies, Abba-Zaba bars contain a peanut butter center, which is wrapped with white, chewy taffy. A staple since 1922, Abba-Zabas are difficult to chew through, but the mix of taffy and peanut butter is a sweet and salty fusion sure to aide in any Halloween sugar high.

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