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Justin Willman of Cupcake Wars Makes Magic [Video]

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Tue, Sep 13, 2011 at 12:03 PM

click to enlarge Justin Willman, emerging from a cupcake war.
  • Justin Willman, emerging from a cupcake war.
Raise your hand if you know Justin Willman as the pun-tastic, spiky-haired host of Cupcake Wars. That he is, but keep them up if you knew he's also an accomplished magician. Fewer hands, right?

Willman got his start in magic at age 12, after he broke both arms attempting to ride a bicycle while wearing rollerblades. (We all make mistakes.) The doctor recommended he learn card tricks to rebuild dexterity, and he became obsessed.

Willman's bread and butter is hosting, on the aforementioned Food Network show, as well as on Hasbro Studios' Scrabble Showdown that's premiering on September 17th on The Hub. His gravy, however, is magic. He's quite good at it, too. How do we know? Because he stopped by yesterday to do a trick for us, which we got on video. Turn the page...

Pretty impressive, right?

Willman now tours the country making various items appear in uncut fruit, levitating tables and making bowling balls come out of nowhere, among other tricks. You can catch his magic show tonight 8 p.m. at Meltdown Comics, where he has a monthly gig.

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