Top 10: Most Kid-Unfriendly Restaurants in Los Angeles

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Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 11:34 AM

click to enlarge Is there a pediatric burn specialist in the house? Soot Bull Jeep. - PHOTO BY ANNE FISHBEIN
  • Photo by Anne Fishbein
  • Is there a pediatric burn specialist in the house? Soot Bull Jeep.

Sometimes eating out with kids is all about the path of least resistance, which if you peruse OpenTable Diners' Choice list of the country's 100 most kid-friendly restaurants, seems to be the prevailing philosophy of those who voted. In response, the SF Weekly published a selection of San Francisco's Most Kid-Unfriendly Restaurants. Turns out we can think of quite a few of these in our town, too, and not just ones that routinely win Most Romantic awards.

We understand wanting to expand children's horizons and push comfort zones. That's great -- until they push back. And when that happens, parents and caretakers feel it, hard. So let us spare you some pain by sharing our picks for L.A.'s top 10 least family/kid-friendly restaurants, aka where people without children are sure to keep going.

10. Soho House

"Mommy, why are those men with the big cameras chasing the tiny lady in that black Range Rover?" Paparazzi and other L.A. life lessons can be explained in the Soho House valet area. Same goes for Katana, Koi and wherever else the Entourage scene is these days.

click to enlarge No kids at Father's Office during working hours. - FLICKR USER MUY YUM
  • Flickr user Muy Yum
  • No kids at Father's Office during working hours.

9. Father's Office

We don't have to declare Father's Office to be kid un-friendly. That's already been taken care of. Both locations are licensed as bars, meaning no one under 21 can visit dad at work. Lukshon doesn't seem to have this legal restriction, but between the open flame outdoors and those pristine creamy banquettes inside, we recommend splurging on a sitter and saving this venue for a night out. Hey, here's a crazy thought: restaurants known for terrific burgers and beverage programs such as the Golden State and Umami Burger allow kids AND seem to be doing just fine.

click to enlarge Gjelina: a substition-free zone. - FLICKR USER MUY YUM
  • Flickr user Muy Yum
  • Gjelina: a substition-free zone.

8. Gjelina

When a strict "changes and modifications politely declined" policy means pizza pomodoro is coming with that chili come hell or high water, this might plan not work out so well. If they won't honor Posh's special request, then they certainly won't do it for little Jack or Zoe. Plus why stress over the long waits and open fire pit? Maybe this all explains why Gjelina Take Away seems to be popular with the parent and toddler set.

7. Soot Bull Jeep

Oooooh, glowing coals and open fire... You get where we're going here. Some Korean BBQ restaurants might be better designed for families, but Soot Bull Jeep, with old school grills and a less-than-state-of-the-art ventilation system, is not one of them. Better keep burn relief cream and gauze handy if we haven't successfully deterred you.

6. Urasawa

It's entirely possible that your eight-year-old appreciates an amazing $300 omakase dinner better than many adults would. Some other patrons at this cozy exclusive Beverly Hills restaurant might even find your young dining companion adorable. Hey, it's not our money.

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