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Food News Roundup: The Costco Hot Dog, White Tablecloth Prison Food + The Sacred Cow Hamburger

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Tue, Apr 19, 2011 at 8:29 AM

-- 6 Things to Do with a Can of Tuna. [Bon Appétit]

-- Coffee Pros Leave Intelligentsia to Launch Handsome Coffee Roasters. [The Feast LA]

-- A consideration of the Costco hot dog. [Chowhound Los Angeles]

-- White tablecloth prison food: The Clink restaurant, where English prisoners learn to become chefs. [The Guardian]

-- Taco Bell lawsuit is dropped. [USA Today]

-- Can you ID this stove? [eGullet]

-- Roast Pork, Cuban Style. [The 99 Cent Chef]

-- Wendy's, Carl's Jr. and Johnny Rockets consider ways to market beef in India. (Sacred cows, remember?) [Nation's Restaurant News]

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